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Toddler corner

Trampoline parks can be a very challenging place, especially for the little ones. Trampolines, climbing walls, tyrolean or obstacle courses are extremely tough attractions for kids aged 1-4.  Therefore, if you want your park to be enjoyed by everyone, create the right zone.

A toddler's corner is the perfect place for little ones who can't yet fully enjoy the prepared trampoline attractions. One way is to make a ball pool for kids.

All you need is a good plan, advertising, and the ball pool will be as much in demand as the trampolines!

Why choose a ball pool for kids?

Developing a trampoline park is the key. That's why adding new attractions and a playground is a great way to attract new customers.

Ball pool design

Parents coming with their kids expect professionalism and a good offer. It is important that not only older children have a chance to play. A children's ball pool, a mini playground or an area with foam toys is a perfect place for the little ones.  Thanks to this, parents will surely notice the owner's commitment and appreciate the opportunity to spend time with the whole family having fun.

Creating a toddlers' corner will inspire confidence and make customers more eager to return to your park.

How do you advertise a toddler area in a trampoline park?

Advertising can be extremely simple. Discounts can encourage people to use the ball pool. What kind of discounts?

A great option would be a discount for large families who want to spend time together at your park, also using the pool. This will allow both the older kids and the little ones to have a great time. And parents, taking advantage of the discount, will be encouraged to visit more often.

Prepare parent meetings or brochures describing the benefits of the ball pool. Developing motor skills, manual skills, developing social relationships while playing with other children.

The advantages of such a place are really many. It's up to you how you present it to win customers.

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