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How do you prevent defects in playrooms?

Damage, cracks and other defects in equipment are normal. Especially after a long time of use. However, no one wants to stop a growing business in favor of renovations and repairs.

So, how to prevent defects and what to do when they do occur?  Contrary to appearances, it is not that difficult at all! Three steps are enough: professional expert, inspection and playroom service!

First, the professionals!

Already during construction, you should pay attention to the precision of the manufacturer, as well as the equipment used. If the work is done well, the chances of damage are much lower. So, it is worth choosing a professional manufacturer who knows his business. Sometimes it's better to pay extra than to have to constantly make adjustments and close the halls for repairs later. Your indoor playgrounds will definitely lose out on this.

Indoor playgrounds service

Bet on professionals who can be trusted!

Second - inspection and service!

Despite the great cooperation with the manufacturer, however, it is worth betting on daily inspections. Checking the equipment will help you avoid more serious defects in the equipment.

However, if there is damage, you should immediately decide to service the playroom. This is often offered by the manufacturer along with other services performed. Damage to the equipment does not have to turn out to be a gigantic problem, as this service provides repairs among other things:

  • Foam platform covers,
  • Slides,
  • Springs,
  • Covers,
  • Nets.

As the indoor playground service provides professional equipment, the task done will be flawless and safe. It is mandatory that the accessories should meet all approvals and standards such as:  EN 1176-10, ASTM F 1918-12, which is certified by a third party. Therefore, pay attention to it when renovating!


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